Some 50’s Memories

I found some new vintage 1950’s images that I love…check them out and tell me what you think?

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  1. Awesome pics, Kori!!!
    Hope you are doing well! How is school so far? Hopefully you are getting along swimmingly (…whatever THAT means…guess it means if you are treading water, that is good!) :-]
    Anyway, glad to see the great posts here – keep up the great work! (although the ‘header pic’ you have now is neat for Halloween, please bring back the ‘previous’ header soon (you with Marilyn)…it was AWESOME!!! :-] )

    KIG, Kori!!!

  2. I was born in late 51′ & I can remember my Mother wearing dresses with the June Cleaver aprons… sans the pearls!! LOL!!

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