Billy’s Birthday

It’s a little early, but it’s Billy the Kid’s birthday in about a half an hour. He would be turning 150. It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on someone from the wild west, so it seems about time. Here is some info about the famous gunslinger:

–Billy the Kid spoke fluent Spanish.

–Billy the Kid had a crush on his Silver City grade school teacher Miss Mary Richards.

–About the age of 14-15, the Kid’s first criminal offense was stealing several pounds of butter from a rancher, which he sold to a local merchant. After a tongue-lashing from the town sheriff, which did little good, the Kid along with the town troublemaker, Sombrero Jack, got involved in stealing laundry. This time the sheriff locked the young teenager up.

–Billy the Kid loved to sing. How good was he? Both George Coe and Mary Ealy (wife of Dr. Taylor Ealy) remarked that Billy the Kid had a beautiful tenor voice.

–Supposedly Billy the Kid gambled with Doc Holiday, had dinner with Jesse James, and was in a target shooting contest along with Bat Masterson.

–As of now, Billy the Kid holds the record for the most motion pictures made on an individual in film making history.

So, do you think the rumors are true, that Pat Garrett really shot Billy the Kid? Or, did he live on unknown to those around him?

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