Prince William Engaged!

How cute are they? I normally don’t follow the royal family’s affairs, but have always thought Prince William was not only adorable, but a real class act. Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton will marry sometime in 2012. What do you think of the happy couple? Do you think they will last?

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  1. They’ve already been together for so long that I think they’ll be able to make it work. What a cute couple!! :)

  2. It will be quite interesting to see what happens here. I wish them the best, but the track record is sketchy. I remember staying up to watch Andrew and Sarah get married. I will not stay up to watch this one though.

  3. Oh I blogged about this today too! Your pics are much better but I have one you might find interesting!
    I am so thrilled this has happened!!!!! Just thrilled. It’s about time!

  4. I loved William when I was younger, but I think I like Harry more now. I just read the engagement story online, so perfect! It seems fairy tales still exist.

  5. I am hoping this couple lasts, they seem so perfect for each other and have already weathered 8 years together. Wishing them many years of happiness! xxoo :)

  6. I think they are a lovely couple and it’s great news! William is a lovely boy, his mother would be so proud of him and he deserves great happiness.

    Did you see her gave Kate his mother’s beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring….gorgeous!

    Thank you for your comments over at mine :)

  7. It’s about freakin time! I love these 2 together. 8 years is a long time but I think it was needed. They were able to actually know each other and she was able to learn the ropes of a royal family and all that comes with it. Only time will tell if it lasts but I hope it does!

  8. Yes, they look great together. But if the history of famous people is any indication, it might not last. I hope I’m wrong.

  9. Thay are such a good looking couple and wishing them a world of happiness!

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  10. They are a darling couple…she is very chic! I think they will last, they’ve been together 8 years already!

    Thanks for stopping by! Looks like we got stuck with the same nickname!! I’m going to pop over and check out your giveaway. Thanks so much!


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