To Leopard or Not?

I love, love, love leopard print. Did I mention I love leopard print? I sometimes feel like a little old lady from Palm Springs because I have so many animal prints in my closet. I just think they look so chic and polished. I found some great photos of the many uses of leopard. Hope you enjoy them…on a sad note, I got a ticket on my way to work this morning! Just great way to say Merry Christmas to me! Have a great Tuesday friends!


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  1. I too am a leopard-aholic. If they made leopard print wallpaper or carpet, I would get it. Haha! Have a great day, beautiful! xo

  2. Hi Gorgeous!

    I adore leopard print…my current purse is leopard print!

    LOVE the coat in the second photo. Thank you for your visit and sweet words…but most of all thank you for being such a wonderful friend…I adore your sweet soul!


  3. I am usually not a fan of animal print. It just does not appeal to me, until I saw those shoes!! both pairs!

  4. Hey Kori!

    Sorry I haven’t been by in a while. Like I said in my post, I’m blaming the stress :)

    I like leopard print but I can’t wear it. It’s just not me! But I do love looking at it on others.

    Thanks for the comment of my post, by the way! I’m enjoying NaNo and getting way more done than I thought I would with it!


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