Winter Wonderland

Is anyone else dying for winter like I am? Maybe it’s just because we live in Southern California and it was 85 degrees today in the middle of November? Why, oh why can’t we have seasons? Hope you all had a great weekend.

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  1. I always lived where there were seasons.I could never live anywhere else.But I could go for a long visit to california in the summertime,lol.My cousin actually lives out there near San Francisco.You can see the Golden Gate bridge from her apartment.

    Happy wednesday!

  2. Hi Gorgeous Friend!

    Yes…it’s been warm here and weekend before it was triple digits! I lived in New York for five years and swore I would never complain about the heat after my return to California but I could do without the hot temps. in November!

    Thanks for your visit…I’m off now to enter your giveaway…have a fabulous week!


  3. Love that Jason Mraz version of the song. If I could be involved in an 85 degree November, I’d be all about it!

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