Angelina Jolie

Angelina has been on the cover and in Vogue Magazine several times. I think she is a bit strange, ever since that goth phase with her and Billy drinking each other’s blood. She is a true beauty, but lately she is looking a little emaciated. In honor of her starring with my boyfriend Johnny on Friday, here are some photos of her throughout various Vogue spreads. Enjoy!

**All images courtesy of Vogue Magazine


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  1. I think she is a little strange too and also definitely on the extremely skinny side… but there’s no denying she’s a talented actress- one of the true stars of our generation! great post xx

  2. Yes,she is a rather odd figure , but I like her because she’s not such a conevntional beauty.

    alexandra @

  3. She’s a true beauty and a true weirdo. Hey I just noticed that you are from La Verne, CA. Guess who else is? Yours truly! I was born and raised there. I went to Bonita High School! How funny is that! I now reside in Las Vegas.

  4. I still can’t make up my opinion about her – but I think she is a great actress. And it’s a giant plus to star next (well, can I say BENEATH? – because he is the top!) Johnny Depp.. This film is surely a MUST to watch.. ;”)

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