Kyra Sedgwick

I never really got on board with The Closer on TNT, but the few episodes I’ve seen, proves it to be a fabulous show. I decided to catch up on some episodes today, and remembered why I love Kyra Sedgwick. I’ve liked Sedgwick since her days on Singles, and Something To Talk About. I also really like the fact that Kevin Bacon and Sedgwick have been married much longer than most Hollywood couples. They seem to provide a sense of normalcy that Hollywood doesn’t usually allow.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch The Closer, make sure you do, since it is in it’s last season. Here are some photos of Kyra. Enjoy!




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  1. I have always thought Kyra is a super great actress, not nearly appreciated as she deserved. I’m so glad she’s been well awarded for this series.
    Brenda is, I think, my all-time favorite tv character. I’ve watched The Closer since I found it in its first season. I love the ensemble, they are the best. I will really miss them when it’s over. Try to see every season. Every Christmas is a hoot when her mom and dad come. Brenda and Fritz’s wedding the same. As you can see I do love this show!! Glad you discovered it.

  2. Kyra is awesome. Like you I haven’t watched The Closer that much but my mom loves it. And I go back with Kyra with Singles, Born on the 4th of July and others. She is very talented. Great post Kori.

  3. I love this show, and have watched it for some time now. I didn’t know it was the last season, shoot. She’s a great actress, and their daughter is on the show too for a few episodes. Take care Kori! Martha

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