Oh My Johnny…

Some of you know from my Facebook post yesterday that I was absolutely overjoyed to get my new copy of Vanity Fair with my boyfriend Johnny on the cover. Could he be any sexier? I don’t ever have Hollywood crushes, but he is my favorite! How can one not love Johnny? He is so down to earth and friendly, not to mention extremely intelligent. Rocker Patti Smith interviewed her friend Johnny. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the interview:

Smith: “Something I’ve always wondered about is: these people that you become for us, or make flesh in a film–do they revisit you ever? Are you able to discard them? What happens to them?

Depp: “They’re all still there, which on some level can’t be the healthiest thing in the world. But, no, they’re all still there. I always picture it as this chest of drawers in your body–Ed Wood is in one, the Hatter is in another, Scissorhands is in another. They stick with you…they’re still very close to the surface.”

Smith: “Are you reading anything right now? Well, you’re always reading, so I should say, what are you reading right now?”

Depp: “Between scripts I’m reading The Thin Man, the Dashiell Hammett book, to see what we can mine from it. That’s something that would be Rob [Marshall] directing and me playing the Nick part. My hope is that Penelope [Cruz] would play the part of Nora.

Smith: “And what script are you reading?”

Depp: The most recent draft of Dark Shadows. That’s something I really want to do. The script is close now, really close, and, you know, it’s just a question of myself and Tim and the writer, basically the three of us, getting together and signing off on various scenarios…”

I can’t wait for Dark Shadows. What do you think of Johnny? What is your favorite Johnny film?

*Interview and images courtesy of Vanity Fair Magazine January 2011


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  1. I got this magazine in the mail yesterday – haven’t read it yet… Oh, where do I begin…? Johnny is wonderful in sooo many ways and of course, very nice to look at too. Very nice “eye candy”. I can’t pick one specific movie that stands out as my “favorite” however, The Tourist is looking pretty good (and I can’t wait to see it). And to think my obsession started with 21 Jump Street — way back…

  2. I saw this today, but I had to leave before I could buy it. Tomorrow, I’m buying it. lol I love Johnny.

  3. I just adore him! There so many marvellous films woth him that I couldn’t tell which one is my favourite.
    And I can hardly wait till Dark Shadows will be released.

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