To Wear Red or Not?

Red lipstick is something I’ve never been comfortable with. I just can’t seem to get used to myself in it. Maybe its the pop of color on my lips, or the constant reapplying, the possible error and feathering? I’m dying to wear red this season, so I’ve incorporated some red-based shades into my daily routine. It kills me to be uncomfortable with the 1940’s style red, that so many of you vintage-loving vixens wear all the time. What’s your secret? Any ideas for me on how I can wear it? Any of your favorite shades? In the meantime, here are some photos from In Style Magazine that show their picks for the best reds of the year. Have a great day friends!

*All images courtesy of In Style Online Magazine


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  1. I really wish I could wear red lipstick however, it just doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried several times. It does look great in all of the ladies you’ve pictured.

  2. I want to wear red! This inspired me to find the perfect shade! Even if I wear it at home until i get the courage to wear it in public!! Great post!
    Have a pretty day!

  3. I just had to stop you for a moment.
    Beyonce’s red lips beats Taylor Swifts red lips for all time best red lips of the year.

  4. I would suggest going to a cosmetics counter (MAC, Sephora, etc) and swatching on a few on your inner arm or wherever the tone matches your face’s skin tone best. Once you find a color you feel is flattering, then try wearing it as a stain rather than full on red lipstick. Line your lips, apply lipstick and blot until it is more of a stain that a coat of lipstick. That lighter application method can help you become more comfortable with a red lipstick and when you are ready, you already have a red lipstick you love to apply a bit stronger.

  5. It is indeed difficult to get used to red, but you have to find the tone that goes with your skin … and let go …

  6. You forgot Gwen Stefani and her signature red lipstick! I too, am afraid of red. I’m all about neutrals and browns for my face. I’m so boring. You could try going to Sephora to ask for help with the right shade and tips. They are the experts!

  7. Hey Blondie, I love blondes with anything red. I remember my mom, who was a young woman in the forties, always searching for the right red. That is the secret. There are so many tones – mom needed a blue red. You have to try lots of red lipsticks, or better still, talk to an expert at a makeup counter, and she’ll help you. You’ll love it when you find that right red!!

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