Walk Of Fame 2010

Reese Witherspoon got a spot on the Hall of Fame recently, so I was interested to find out who else was in the class of 2010. Here is the list:

James Cameron (director/producer)
Russell Crowe (actor)
John Cusack (actor)
Colin Firth (actor)
Gale Anne Hurd (producer)
Alan Menken (film composer)
Randy Newman (film composer)
Adam Sandler (actor)
Emma Thompson (actor)
Mark Wahlberg (actor)

Chris Berman (TV sportscaster)
Jon Cryer (actor)
Peter Graves (actor)
Jimmy Kimmel (TV host)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (actor)
Bill Maher (TV host)
Sam Waterston (actor)

Bryan Adams (musician)
The Funk Brothers (musician)
Alan Jackson (musician)
Chaka Khan (musician)
Van Morrison (musician)
Roy Orbison (posthumously) (musician)
Marco Antonio Solis (musician)
Ringo Starr (musician)
ZZ Top (musician)

Andrea Bocelli (musician)
Cirque Du Soleil and founder Guy Laliberte (theater)

Interesting to note that the spot doesn’t come without cost. It is $30,000 to maintain the star for those who get one! Hope you are having a fabulous Friday friends!


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