2011 Golden Globes

I have to admit I just woke up from a 3-hour nap to find the Globes on. So, after flipping through some photos, I am in awe of how beautiful some of these women look! I’m a little shocked that Mad Men lost to Boardwalk Empire, but I don’t watch it yet, so I can’t say much. Here are some of the photos, with of course a little tribute to Johnny, and of course Jon Hamm Who were your favorites? Who did you wonder, “what were they thinking?” Have a great Monday morning beauties!


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  1. I didn’t like Sandra’s new hairdo! Also I didn’t like the comment at the end of the show about God that Ricky Gervis made.

  2. I missed the before show darn, that’s always the best part!
    Poor January Jones. She finally got her hair right but the dress? I personally did not like it.
    I’ve been watching Boardwalk Empire the last little while and honestly, it is movie quality. How could it go wrong with Martin Scorcese and Mark Wahlberg as producers?
    I didn’t like Angelina Jolie’s dress, ukky color. Helen Mirren just looks better every time she is on a show, and she’s old! An inspiration.

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