Breathtaking Beauty Marion Cotillard

Vogue Magazine has some of the most beautiful photo shoots I’ve ever seen. This one, being no exception, is one of my favorites. I’ve posted on Marion Cotillard before. She has this old Hollywood style and look to her that is hard to reproduce. Her skin is gorgeous, and since she is a year older than I am, I look to her for style inspiration. Marion is a french actress who has been in many well-known pieces, such as “Public Enemies,” with my boyfriend Johnny. I also loved her in Inception, as Leo DiCaprio’s wife.

Here are some gorgeous shots of her. Which is your favorite? What do you think?

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**All images courtesy of Vogue Magazine


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  1. This photo shoot in Provence was one of my favorites this year in Vogue. Marion really is a unique beauty and talented as well.

    I hope your weekend went well and the week ahead goes smoothly. :)

  2. I saw her in both of those movies, and I also thought she had a real Old-Hollywood look about her. She is gorgeous, and a great actress to boot. Don’t think I can pick a favorite photo since they are all so beautiful!

  3. I just love the pic of her face! She is completely stunning.

    And, thank you for supporting the indie artist I featured on my blog last week! Because of people like you, people like me can follow our dreams! You’re the best, dear!

  4. Hello Lady!

    She is truly gorgeous and from the little I have seen of her interviewed she seems to not even realize how gorgeous she is which adds to her appeal…she seems sweet and she is a bombshell! I too love her style and these photos are just so exquisite…I love the 4th & 5th ones and her dress in the last photo is gorgeous!

    I loved your comment on my last post, you really made my day! Don’t ever worry about being crass…how could I mind such a wonderful compliment. :):) It’s great to hear from you and my posts are now around once a week, so I’ve slowed down but staying steady. It’s always a treat to visit your gorgeous blog, thanks for the beauty inspiration today!!

    Have a wonderful weekend beautiful!

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