Carrie Bradshaw Part II

Ok, I finally got around to ordering Sex and the City 2 from Netflix and I am dying to watch it this weekend. I don’t think the ratings were as good as the first one, and the hype was not there for sure, but I need to see my girls again. I’m curious to know what you thought if you saw it? Please tell! In the meantime, here is some fun trivia about the film. Happy “Hump” day friends!

–Victoria Beckham reportedly wanted a role.

–Katie Holmes was considered to play a role.

–Eva Green was offered a role.

–Penélope Cruz mentioned in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that she shot her cameo in two hours, and said that she wanted to do it because she was a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker and the show.

–The film was delivered to theaters under the code name “Heart of the Desert”.

–The blue Manolo Blahnik pumps that Carrie leaves in the penthouse in “Sex and the City,” and that Big uses as the “diamond to seal the deal,” can be seen over her left shoulder when she’s in her closet packing for Abu Dhabi.

–The dress Carrie wears to dinner when Big picks her up from her old apartment is the same one she wears when apologizing to Natasha, Big’s ex-wife, for her and Big’s affair in “What Goes Around Comes Around” (Season 3).

–The airport where there 4 friends are picked up in the Maybachs is not the Abu Dhabi Airport. It is the airport of Marrakech, in Marokko, famous as well for its architecture (as well as the very original and wonderful Abu Dhabi Airport). It seems it was impossible to ship 4 Maybachs in time to Adu Dhabi, so Marrakech was used as a location.

–The government of Abu Dhabi did not allow filming as it was considered “too sexual” for the conservative Emirate.


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  1. Completely not impressed with the second one…it wasn’t horrible because it’s SATC but the first one was 100% better! We did a girls night out, complete with high fashion clothes, for the first one and we weren’t feeling it for the second time around!!! Cheers!!

  2. Huge SATC fan, loved the 1st movie! I could watch the series and the 1st movie over and over and over. I’ve seen the second movie maybe 3 times and although its good, its nothing compared to the first one! xox

  3. My opinion isn’t a very good one. I thought it was too cheesy and really insensitive. I get that these women are sexual and proud of it, but you have to respect other nations and their customs. It was a big slap in the face to Arab culture and I think it made Americans look bad. Big really bugged me, but I was never a fan of his anyway, I was always Team Aidan. But it was really, really pretty to look at! I liked it enough, but I didn’t love it. I just stick to watching my SATC box set whenever I need a fix. Love that show!

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