Cowboy Boots

I’ve always loved cowboy boots. Maybe it’s the romantic idea that I am living in the Wild, Wild West and will find my own cowboy if I wear them? Maybe it’s that they look great with everything from skirts to jeans? Maybe it’s that they are edgy and a little rebellious? Whatever the reason, I am a sucker for a pair of well-designed boots, the pointier toe, the better. Justin Boots have always been one of my favorite brands. I found some pictures through their website that were amazing. They are vintage pics that show the factory, the process of hand-sewing the boots, and all the craftsmanship that goes into a pair of boots.

I also stumbled across some fabulous photos of women who really know how to show off their boots! I’ve been in bed for 3 days with this awful sore throat thing, and am hoping for a full recovery by tomorrow. I promise to get back on my regular blogging schedule then. Have a great day friends!


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  1. I have only owned one pair of cowboy boots and that was during childhood. My “current” boots are more of a fashion statement – maybe I need to expand my fashion “closet”. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I bought a pair of broken-in Justin boots in Warrenton, Texas last year during Antiques Week, and they fit like no other shoes I own. They are red and fabulous!! Worth every penny!

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