Fine Man Friday

Back to my favorite day of the week…Fine Man Friday. Yes, I know I’m not consistent on the Fine Man Friday posts, but sometimes we just need some eye candy right? Today’s man is Ryan Gosling. Wow. Enjoy!


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  1. Did you see him on Ellen last week? Yowzas….He work footie pajamas and slyly talked about Michelle Williams. teeheehee.

  2. mmm hmm, he is a fine man. I don’t think he can take a bad picture. Thanks for posting, he has such a dreamy quality. So handsome and yet so sweet:) Look at me talking about him like I know him LOL!

  3. He’s a great pick. I really don’t like the photo of him biting his shirt. Soooo cheesy, that’s probably what he was going for but he looks too serious!

  4. I love him. Such a talented actor, so down to earth and very cute! If you haven’t seen Lars And The Real Girl, watch it now. He was amazing!

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