January Jones for Versace

So I opened my Vanity Fair February issue yesterday (and have to admit I was not impressed with Justin Bieber as the cover, come on), but I was impressed with the Versace ad featuring January Jones of Mad Men. She is completely nude, but the photos still leave much to the imagination. The photos are gorgeous and still have that retro/vintage feel. What do you think?


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  1. I want her hair. I’m serious – I want her hair. LOL

    I love the photos!!! Black and White ALWAYS leaves that “air of mystery” and HeLLo – could you get any more gorgeous than her?

    I want her hair.

    ;-) robelyn

  2. I am a major fan of Mad Men. It’s done perfectly – I know-I’m old and lived through it lol.
    January Jones and Jon Hamm are perfectly cast. They are not nearly as good in anything else they have done. I don’t know if it’s the director of the show, but they are just so great in Mad Men. She looks good here because she still has that retro look. She doesn’t seem to know how to dress herself though, been very disappointing at the awards shows.

  3. Wow! She’s amazing! I have not watch Mad Men myself, not sure why since I love that era so much. But I find that she has a very versatile look…like sometimes I can’t recognize her. She is certainly as pretty as any model in these photos, don’t you think?
    –Lee Ann

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