I’m not a huge Katie Holmes fan ever since she married Tom Cruise and I feel she changed. But, that being said, she does have a great sense of style and is going to be playing Jackie O. in the upcoming mini series on the History Channel about the Kennedy’s. She is in the upcoming issue of Elle Magazine sharing her thoughts on Jackie and her daughter Suri, among other things. Here are some of the photos. What do you think?

**All images courtesy of Elle Magazine


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  1. Boo! I just read that The Kennedys will not be shown on the History Channel in the US anymore. It’ll be played in Canada, but no word yet on what channel, if any, here. They said it wasn‘t historically accurate enough.

  2. I so agree. There is something about her and her marriage and Tom that make me feel yucky. No idea what it is. It reminds me of when Tom and Nicole were married and spent two years on that gross movie by Stanley Kubrick. There is just something off there.
    That being said, Katie Holmes could play Audrey Hepburn in a heartbeat, she has the same fine-boned gamine quality. None of the actresses that have done Audrey have been the slightest bit right, but Katie is very close.

  3. She is always yes and no for me. Sometimes she shows spectacular style and sometimes she looks like she gets out of bed and walks out the door. I think she is beautiful but she definitely has changed since Tom Cruise.

  4. I saw this layout at lunch and was like “oh my gosh, Katie looks amazing”! A great amount of sex appeal and beauty all in one. I wasn’t a big Dawson Creek fan but, I am pretty sure that I have seen every single one of her movies. I’m indifferent to her being married to Tom and I love Suri! So cute. But, this Elle spread is unbelievably amazing. I love it! By the way, I LOVE the changes to your blog and your button has been added to mine!!! YAY!

  5. I used to really like her, too. Until Tom Cruise and his crazy came along. She is gorgeous and photographs beautifully though. I can’t wait to see The Kennedys!

  6. I totally feel the same about Katie! She’s definitely changed but damn.. she looks good in these photos!


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