Ok, it’s that time again. Time to post what I hope to accomplish or change about my life this year. Otherwise known as resolutions. I love the idea of resolutions because it makes me think about the changes I need, but they also feel like a lot of “talk” to me, because most people don’t ever follow through. I’ve decided to post mine this year, so I have some type of accountability. Am I crazy? Probably, but I need to do it. So here goes:

1. I’m going to spend less and save more. I have so many clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. I have no need for anything and truthfully have no place for it!

2. I’m going to remind myself that my parents deserve my utmost respect. I don’t know why I find the need to question them often, or challenge them when I disagree with them. I want to love them for who they are and treat them as so.

3. I want to read my Bible much more and get involved in my church. I attend regularly, but feel the need to serve.

4. I plan to brush Mimi’s teeth more regularly! LOL.

5. I am rejoining Weight Watchers and plan to exercise more. Eat less, move more.

6. I am going to drink much more water. I love it and for some reason don’t understand why I choose Diet Coke over it regularly.

7. I am going to finally finish revising my novel and send it off to publishers. I am also going to attempt a screenplay in April.

8. I am going to date more and enjoy it!

9. Traveling needs to be a bigger part of my life, and I plan to look into visiting a few more places this year.

10. Lastly, I plan to spend more time with people, and less time on my phone or other technological devices!

What are some of your resolutions? What are you most looking forward to about 2011? Back to work tomorrow for me. Hope you all have a blessed Monday. Stay dry!

Oh, by the way, if you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet, you must! Follow me if you do!


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  1. I love the new layout! Sorry I don’t comment as much anymore. I use Chrome and your settings options only allow Google sign in and Open ID. I never use my last name on comments so I can’t use your thingamajig without coming over to AOL, which I left back in July!

    Also? Your email isn’t enabled so I can’t answer you personally!!

    If you change your sign in identity back to the one with URL and anonymous, I can comment more from Chrome. Ok, outta here!

  2. Those sound like great resolutions (time to break them!) just kidding :)
    I could not agree with you more on that first resolution you set — I could totally adopt that one for myself!
    Happy New Year!
    I love your blog design the flowers on the side are just so pretty :)
    Good luck with each one of your resolutions!


  3. I love the new look of your blog!

    Awesome resolutions btw.
    I feel you about the dating. Maybe if I look at it in a better attitude I might enjoy it more LOL
    Keep us posted about the novel..very exciting!!

    Happy New Year Kori!

  4. Oh well done on the list, it’s obviously a well thought out one and I wish you all the best with it.

    Loving your new look, so gorgeous.

    Hope you had a really Happy New Year honey,
    xxx DJ

  5. Love your resolutions, girl! Thanks for sharing them with us. I loved Weight Watchers and should rejoin, too. Maybe we can be moral support for each other?

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