Grammy Fashion

It’s either hit or miss in the way of Grammy fashion each year. There are so many artists willing to take a risk at the Grammy’s, which is why I love watching. I’m so over Lady Gaga, and cannot even discuss this whole egg atrocity. I can’t figure out why people love that kind of “look at me” stuff. But, to each, his own I guess. So here’s my picks for the do’s or fabulous outfits.

I was shocked that Nicole Kidman looks so pretty, when I usually don’t like what she wears. But, not all can be good, here are my “what were they thinking?” picks:

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  1. Do I ever agree with you, darling! It’s as if Lady Gaga said “what can I do to top the meat dress?” … okay, whatever! I thought Nicole looked breathtaking too … loved all your picks in your do and don’t list!! And I SO love the red carpet for all of the awards … always delicious fun! xoxo

  2. I loved watching the grammys. The opening act was sensational, wasn’t it? They ROCKED it!

    Nicole Kidman was gorgeous in that dress. I think she is hit and miss. This one she hit it right.

    I think JLo looked so hot. I hate her. Does she get better every year or what?

    I disagree with you, I think Reannna in the white dress was exquisite. But that is my opinion, we will see what Joan and her band of critics will say.

    Lady Gaga was interviewed before the Grammy’s on 60 minutes. She is one hell of a smart cookie, I would say. Her way to create fame (and study fame) coming out of the mouth of a 24 year old…well, it defies imagination. I think she is a genius.

    That’s enough out of me…


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