Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags

I’m on way to find a new bag tomorrow (after months of searching) and I’ve decided to try a Harvey’s Original Seatbelt Bag.  I’ve never really seen the appeal of these bags, but am loving their new designs and want something different, so they fit.  They even have a new Minnie Mouse line made for Disney! Hope you are having a great weekend, I will let you know what I find after my shopping trip!

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  1. Anonymous

    I have caaried nothing but Harveys since I was 16…the first year they released! Ill be 30 this year and already got myself the Barbie Date Night Satchel and Clutch to celebrate early! LOVE these bags, so simple, easy to clean, sturdy and I always get compliments!

  2. I have the top one and LOVE it!!!! I have several seatbelt bags, I just can’t get enough! I even use the dottie boat tote for my 2 month olds diaper bag! <3 You won’t be disappointed with whatever you get!!!!

  3. Please let me know what you found and how you like it and if it is too heavy..I need a new handbag and the new ones are so cute..

  4. wow, they have really gotten creative with their bags recently. i got one of their backpacks yeeears ago, and yes, they are sturdy and made well. a little heavy….but they will last. i love what they did with the ruffles and the sailor bag!


  5. I’ve always had an interest in these, but never bought one as the lines are a little too straight for me. BUT…now that they have these new designs (ruffles!!!), I think I see one in my future! Can’t wait to see which one goes home with you! -diane

  6. Oh I like these purses you posted! I have a Harvey seat belt bag and I have to tell you they are extremely sturdy, easy to clean, and the girls that are looking for them can always spot them out. I go to Stater Bros and one clerk always compliments my bag. Its also a good convo piece because how many girls own a bag made of seat belts? My office mgr also has a pin up Harvey bag (its really nice). Thanks for the reminder too because there’s a tote I’ve been meaning to buy from Harvey. Good luck and let us know what you decide on getting!

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