Let’s Bring Back Monday

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! Today begins our first post from the “Let’s Bring Back” series. Every Monday I plan to find some fabulous ideas from Lesley M.M. Blume’s wonderful book Let’s Bring Back to share with you.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I tried to find some things that were a little romantic. So, let’s see:

Let’s Bring Back:


“If you must loll about in your underwear, don bloomers: those adorable short, poofy ones that just cover les buttocks. You’ll probably have to have them made, but it’ll be worth it. Let’s also bring back tennis bloomers, to be worn, of course, under short tennis skirts.” (Courtesy of Let’s Bring Back) Aren’t these just too adorable for words?


“A practically obsolete notion. Let’s bring back courtship in which love notes and letters, delivered flowers, mix tapes, and the like are involved. That would be a delightful departure from our contemporary collegiate drunken hook-up culture, and also a welcome counterpoint to the dismal recent phenomenon of ‘8 Minute Dating.'” (Courtesy of Let’s Bring Back). I, as a single girl often have trouble finding any men anymore who want to “court” me. I would love to see some old fashioned courtship!


“In recent generations, the corset became an emblem of female oppression. Please put aside for a moment the modern political symbolism of the garment. A satin or silk coret with fine boning is a beautiful, functional item of clothing. Many well-made evening and wedding dresses contain corsetlike boning to help the clothes fit and hang perfectly. When it comes to wearing actual corsets, just don’t pull them so damn tight: No one expects women in the twenty-first century to strive for an 18-inch waist. And anyway, women still wear ugly versions of the garments, except now they’re called Spanx and control-top pantyhose. At least when you wear a satin corset, you want to undress in front of a man–instead of scurrying away into your bathroom and surreptitiously peeling off that ugly, synthetic, flesh-colored body stocking.” (Courtesy of Let’s Bring Back). Well Said!

**All information courtesy of Let’s Bring Back by Lesley M.M. Blume

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  1. I totally admit that when I read “bloomers” in the book a few weeks, I hopped on line to see if they were still available. Yes they are!! Those puppies are expensive though. Sadly, I won’t be sporting the real things anytime soon, but they are SO on my Christmas wishlist :)

  2. OMG bloomers, courting and corsets … what could make a Valentine’s Day (or any day for that matter!) more romantic? LOVE!! (gosh, that corset is fabulous!) Hope your day was lovely, sweetie, and that your entire week is just rosy! xoxo

  3. Hear hear for corsets! And can we get come classy ones? Not everyone is dying for a Frederick’s of Hollywood undergarment…


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