Let’s Bring It Back…

If you haven’t stumbled across Lesley M. M. Blume’s fabulous book, Let’s Bring Back: An Encyclopedia of Forgotten-Yet-Delightful-Chic, useful, curious, and Otherwise Commendable Things From Times Gone By, go grab a copy immediately! Not only is the cover gorgeous, and one you want on your shelf forever, the inside illustrations, fonts, and character remind me of the old days.

There are so many things/ideas/people/etc. that I, and others I’m sure, have lost from our memories and experiences over the years. I feel so passionately about preserving vintage items and not losing our history, that I found myself asking, “What can I do?”

So here it goes: every Monday for a while, I’m going to choose a few of the items from the book and post about them. I can’t wait to share the first one with you on Valentine’s Day! The series will be called Let’s Bring Back Mondays! I’d like others to contribute too! If you want to bring back something, post about it on your blog and we can link up…so excited to begin!

Don’t forget to vote for Fine Man Friday before tomorrow. It’s really close! Have a great night friends!

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  1. Don’t you just love this book?! My hubs bought it for me for Christmas and it’s one of my all time faves. It makes me wish we lived in times when dinner meant dressing up in formal wear and we used words like “dapper!”

  2. What a fabulous idea and this book sounds great. So many treasures from the past seem forgetton in the present. I look forward to your posts!

    Thanks for following my blog and I’m following you now too. Have a great day!

  3. This is great Kori! I just ordered it and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Count me in to contribute as well :) Great post Doll!!!

  4. That sounds like an exciting new venture… :) I’m very excited about getting into vintage and second hand shopping, which I’m planning on doing once I leave the 8-5 in a few weeks. :)

  5. Count me in on loving this book! Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down! She wrote about so many things that not only brought a smile to my face but got me thinking about all the things I would like to bring back in my life! Looking forward to the new series!

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