Liz Taylor In Iran

Vanity Fair is my favorite magazine for many reasons, including the Hollywood history they so often provide.  This is true of the photos I chose for today’s post.  I was born in 1976, so I found it interesting that they decided to feature Elizabeth Taylor’s trip to Iran that same year.

According to Vanity Fair, “In 1976, Elizabeth Taylor took her first and only trip to Iran, photographer Firooz Zahedi in tow.  The captivating, exotically colorful pictures that resulted will debut this month at LACMA; the untold story of Zahedi and Taylor’s artistic and personal adventure.”

Interesting that Liz probably wouldn’t have the same opportunity today with the political upheaval going on throughout the Middle East.  I’m loving the color of the photos.  Look at Liz’s outfits!

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**All Photos Courtesy of Vanity Fair Magazine Online 2011
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  1. those are STUNNING pictures, and I love Vanity Fair too. Such a great mix of quality writing and gorgeous fashion. It’s the only magazine I have a subscription to.

  2. Great stuff, Kori! Liz seems to get a ‘bad rap’ in some circles, due to the Reynolds-Fisher deal – I honestly don’t know that much about it, but there’s plenty of info and opinion out there… but anyway, no denying she was a very beautiful lady…

    ok – now the ‘weird’ part…well, sorta. My mom, when in High School (in the mid-50’s, mind you) gained the moniker ‘little Liz’, because she favored her quite a bit…(I need to post a pic of her somewhere…) to the point to where it’s a bit ‘weird’ to watch Liz and not think of ma…ok…anyway, hopefully this doesn’t sound too weird or whatever… (sorry for the multiple ‘weird’ useage… guess I need to invest in a Thesarus, eh?)

    Anyway – Kori – wondered if you received my e-mail – I went thru the ‘send a message’ deal on your profile…betcha it went straight to spamville… but heck – here it is for ya, just in case:
    OK – hope your week has gone well, Kori – and the weekend is awesome…and NOT weird! :-]


  3. Thank you for sharing and I’m really loving the color of these photos as well. The first one is fabulous and I love that beautiful tile in the 2nd to last one.

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