Matthew, Be Still My Heart…

The votes are in and this week’s winner is Matthew Mcconaughy! I have been in love with him since “A Time To Kill,” where he played sexy attorney Jake Brigance. Before I move on to the photos, just a reminder that I will be finishing out the guest series on Love next week, so please check back to see the remaining fabulous posts! Don’t forget to vote for next week’s Fine Man Friday eye candy and have a great day!

Oh, by the way, I was lucky enough to be featured in the fabulous The Simply Luxurious Life’s weekly newsletter! If you are interesting in reading about what I consider luxurious, check it out in her current post, or sign up for the newsletter on her sidebar! Thanks so much!


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  1. I am a new follower, and I love your blog! It is wonderful and so pretty! Definitely a fan of your “fine man friday” series!


  2. I am not usually attracted to men with blonde hair… however my exception to this rule is Matthew and Bradley Cooper! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you for brightening my morning!

    And for stopping by my blog – I have been horrible at keeping up and I will be back! oxox

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