Paging Dr. McDreamy

Your wish is my command.  The poll results are in and this week you wanted to see the gorgeous Patrick Dempsey featured.  I have loved him since he was Ronald in Can’t Buy Me Love.  Remember that one?  Hope you enjoy your man candy today!

Don’t forget to vote for next week’s Fine Man Friday post (on the sidebar), and make sure to enter the blog makeover giveaway!  Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. it’s truly amazing how this man gets more handsome as he gets older.. he grew into his features… some guys are soo lucky to age well.. gray hairs and all! :} Wowzas

  2. Ahhh, McDreamy definitely is very nice to look on Friday and Saturday. And I loved him in Can’t Buy Me Love — it was a great movie. He’s come a long way… And is smile is gorgeous!

  3. oh my goodness – this is what i needed tonight to cheer me up! thanks so much for your thoughtful tweet, i just love your blog! :) i’m your newest follower too. :)

  4. LOL my co-worker is in love with him so i just sent her this link!

    In December he was at the restaurant across the street from my work (I’m in LA) and then later that week he was on the same flight as me to Miami! Small world :)

  5. Such a hot man! I think he pulls off just about any look, especially the “just got out of bed and I look this good” look very well!

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