Pink and Green Thursday

Happy Thursday friends!  My favorite day of the week is here–Pink and Green Thursday!  I found some great images this week, but noticed I seem to find much more pink than green.
Don’t forget to vote for this week’s Fine Man Friday post, and the blog makeover giveaway ends tomorrow! 
This is a blog hop!  You’re next!
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  1. Great post today! Love it. I am having a lot of technical difficulties tonight so, I won’t be participating but, I will be following the blog hop. I am hoping to have a lot of posts this weekend.

  2. Love all that fabulous pink and green!! I just can’t get over all those pink kitchen appliances–so darling! Happy Friday!

  3. I just posted my first ever pink and green post! Hope you can become a new follower! Lets swap blog buttons! Let me know if you’re interested :)

  4. I am a real green fan, but something about that pink door… I can only imagine the dreamy things behind it!

    Have a lovely day!

  5. For a girl that does the majority of the cooking in the family, that kitchen is ADORABLE and I wouldn’t complain about being stuck there- all day! Super cute. :)

    Great post, Kori! And I wanted to say that you’re a pro at getting back to ‘each and every comment’ like you want to.

    Thanks for being so sweet!
    -Brianne Danae
    (Come visit! :)

  6. Oh my gosh – hand me the shoes. AUGH! THOSE ARE FANTASTIC!!! And the kitchen… I can’t cook – but I can admire a gorgeous kitchen… and I could wear the shoes through the kitchen.

    ;-D GORGEOUS!!!

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