A topic I’m always curious about for some reason is super heroes. I don’t particularly love comics or anything, but the idea that we could do a little something extra with our bodies, abilities, or senses kind of fascinates me. So I ask you this question: If you could have any super hero quality what would it be and why?

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  1. Wonder Woman… yowzers… what law do I need to break to get HER to show up? :-p

    …now, regarding this issue of superpowers… I always think of the folks with ‘powers’, such as Jeannie and Samantha… but they use their stuff in selfish ways most of the time… whereas the true ‘superheroes’ generally are ‘true’ to using their powers for good (well, one ‘snaps’ every now and then…) the Hulk, for instance… he is all over the place, but somehow ends up being constructive in the final analysis… anyway, not sure where I am going with this, and heck, I am REALLY not that big into comics / movies… so let’s just say I would like to have the power of… hand-eye coordination… either that, or learn to play the accordion proficiently… :-]

    Sorry, Kori – I’m in a goofy mood, I reckon…I’m a bit ‘buzzed’ since WB has released the 6 new Ginger DVDs… so I’m ‘GingerGiddy’…well, more so than usual!!!

    ok – hope all is well, Kori!!!


  2. I would love to be Wonderwoman for a day… And when I was younger I would “frequently” become her. Funny, I know. And Superman is my favorite, second runner up is Batman. Good topic.

  3. Oh, my! I love anything having to do with superheroes and super powers. I’ve never read a comic either but adore any movies/shows like it.

    Maybe I’d want to have super strength or the ability to fly!! So many options though! lol..

  4. I want the ability to morph to wherever I want to go – at any given moment. Like right now – I would like to be in Mississippi…………………………………….
    dang, I’m still in Texas. LOL

    LOVE this post!!! And I want the superwoman outfit.

    ;-D robelyn

  5. I don’t particularly love comics either, but I’ve always thought the art was amazing. I’d have to say selective mind reading ability. (Selective because there are some minds I just do *not* want to read! Haha.) I’d love to be able to know how someone’s feeling and how to best help/comfort/talk to them. :)

  6. Excellent topic and question Kori. I love comic books, super-heroes and the like. I have since I was about 10. Anyway you asked what super quality I would want it…for me that’s a hard question. So many qualities and abilities to choose from. Most super heroes have that driven desire for good like Batman despite having no real super abilities. Let me think for a minute…I would have to go with flying. I mean that would be so awesome to be able to do that. To travel under your own power and go anywhere and anytime would be so cool. Or maybe a healing ability like Wolverine from X-Men. I could go on and list a few but I don’t want to take up all your space. The thing about heroes is that some of them are very relatable despite their abilities. Like Spider-Man, who has trouble paying his bills and trying to have a girlfriend. But he is a quite the hero because he chooses to help people and not use his abilities for money or fame. Sorry Kori, didn’t mean to go off and write this much but you picked a great topic. I had to respond. You ought to think about adding something like this as an added feature. Guys would love it, I know I would. Can’t speak for the ladies. Anyway, great topic and question and can’t wait for your redesign to be complete. Take care.


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