Weekend Update

Good Morning all! I hope you are having a great weekend so far! I’m in the midst of a really great weekend and thought I’d share for once!

Last Night my friend Jeannette took me to see a fabulous musician, James Intveld and his band. He’s amazing and super talented. If you like roots-rock, or the country/rockabilly scene, you would love his music. He was the voice in the Johnny Depp movie, “Cry Baby.” He isn’t bad to look at either. Check out how handsome he is:

Today, I’m lucky enough to get a massage with my amazing friend Brandi…I really need it after dealing with teenagers all week!

Tonight is Winter Formal at the Richard Nixon Library. It should be interesting. Let’s hope I don’t have to cut off any wrist bands for freak dancing lol.

And, of course, tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. Who are you rooting for? Steelers or Packers? Have a great weekend friends!

Oh, by the way, I need some help. I’m going to a really fun cocktail party at the Roosevelt Hotel next weekend and need a fabulous dress that isn’t too expensive. Any ideas where I can go?


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  1. Hi Kori!

    Glad you are having a rockin’ weekend thus far, and hope it is wrapping up in a great way for you!

    Er, sorry – not much help here regarding the dress… but I’m sure you will work it out just fine, as usual! :-)

    Hope your work week goes by such that on Friday afternoon you are thinking, ‘whoa, is it the weekend again ALREADY???” :-]

    KIG, Kori!!!


  2. For a cocktail dress check out Black House White Market (or is it reversed…). Ann Taylor or The Loft (I saw a couple of great ads the other day). The Limited (on a rare ocassion has something really classy). I’d love to know what you come up with!

  3. It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful weekend so far…I would love a massage, I usually get one when we stay at hotels. Sounds perfect right now. Enjoy!


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