What is Love? Guest Series Day 2

We continue on today with another guest post on one of my favorite topics–love. I am so excited to have one of my favorite bloggers, Nicolette of Simply Colette guest write today. If you haven’t discovered Colette’s wonderful blog yet, you have to rush over and check it out! Tell her I sent you when you do! Colette is the reason I ever participated in NaNoWriMo and ended up writing my first novel. I love Colette’s blog because you can tell in her posts that she really loves blogging and meeting people through her blog. Not only is she beautiful, but a talented photographer and a very sweet friend! Ok, enough gushing, here is her post! Enjoy!

Symptoms of Blog Love

Find yourself thinking about what your blog pals are up to during the day? Find yourself anxious to make your daily rounds or get your fix of blogging central… wondering what today’s post will be? Well baby, your not the only one.

Do you catch yourself thinking, “I sooo have to blog this?”
Do you whip out your camera for every event, even meals or while driving (shh) like I do?
Do you think, “I can’t wait to share this?”
Editing in your head, asking yourself is this something I’m comfortable with the whole world reading/ knowing?
Creating posts in your head, when you should be sleeping?
Clicking refresh on your Stat page every so often? Get excited when you have a new daily view record?

Well my friend, you my be suffering from “Blog Love.”

I was diagnosed with Blog Love 18 months ago, and have been living with it ever since…

The evolvement of Blog Love to Self-Love…
Love Only a Blogger Could Understand

What starts out as mere curiously of: what is a blog? Quickly turns to creative evny. Thinking: I can do that! I want to blog! The hunt for unique ways to share creativity with others around the world beings. Building friendships through comments, as people relate and reach out. You learn about these friends through daily posts of images, thoughts, and art. Following your favorite bloggers, like reading your daily dose of TMZ or UsWeekly. Witnessing how the internet and social networking can make entrepenuerial dreams come true, doing and sharing what you love, understand that the only way to survival is by being unique and true to one’s character. Seeing confidence in women spread worldwide like a viral disease, by simply being themselves… making their mark. Finding one’s niche, obsessing to become better with each post and loving every minute of it. Loving the friendships of those who’ve followed you since day one; to meeting awesome new women daily! That is the kind of love only a blogger can understand.

Nicolette Renee Fisher
Lead Host / Photographer
PHOTOgraphy getaways

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  1. Great post. It’s official I have blog love. Lol! And I do love the blogging community – social media is sooo much fun! And I adore my virtual friends. :)

  2. Ooooh great and funny but true post!
    Its true that I suffer from Blog Love-but also tend to get the Blog Blues.
    That is, I fantasize about blogging about everything but then blank out once I am actually blogging! Haha!
    Ttyl, lovely lady!

  3. I’m only just now realizing that I am victim of the blog love bug. Quite seriously. I knew I enjoyed it, but each one of those symptoms is EXACTLY what I’ve been experiencing. I spend more time blogging than I do on FB! :P

    Thank you so much for the lovely post(s)- can’t wait for tomorrow!!


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