What is Love? Guest Series Day 3

I love pretty cupcake sprinkles!

I am so in love (lol) with this guest series! I hope you are too! It really makes me appreciate all those little things that make relationships fun. Yesterday we were lucky enough to have my friend Colette of Simply Colette share with us her love of blogging, and today’s post comes directly from Torie Jayne!

If you don’t know who Torie Jayne is, you are in for a treat! She is a london-based fashion designer who has a real eye for all things beautiful! Her blog is simply amazing and one of my favorites! You have to head over there and check it out, and make sure to tell her I sent you! I hope you enjoy her post!

I Love you…

I love making mosaics!
…mood boards…

I Love baking!

I love making truffles!

I love baking gluten free cookies!
… gluten free cookies…

I love baking cupcakes!
… gluten free cupcakes…

Hello sweets! I’m Torie Jayne and I am honoured to be here today guest posting about love on the adorable Kori’s blog, Blonde Episodes. My post today highlights my many loves, from photography to baking and candy making.

When I saw the “I love you” ribbon in a cute shop in Berlin i knew i just had to get some for today’s post. How else was I going to include some of my many birds that adorn my house?! This is the first blog outing of my bird chandelier that adorns my dining room table, that is when my dining room is not covered in candy and cakes for a holiday theme, which I love doing! My other great love is sequins, from the cushions on my sofa to the vintage sparkly ones hiding in my wardrobe.

Have a sweet day!

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