Amanda, Oh, Amanda

Did you see Red Riding Hood this past weekend?  I didn’t but am in awe of this photo shoot Amanda Seyfried did for Elle Magazine.  The photos are gorgeous, and I always love black and white.  She’s really come a long way from her Mean Girls days!

Good news coming soon!  As you might know, I’ve been writing a novel, and it’s basically finished!  I’m just waiting to complete the cover art, and it will be ready for purchase!  I will give you more details as I can!  Have an amazing Tuesday friends!
**All images courtesy of Elle Magazine, April 2011
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  1. It didn’t look like her at first, but she looks jaw-dropping. I’ve been working out so hard so I can soon rock vertical stripes… but I fear I might have to revert to my reliable spanx.

  2. Black and white photos are so chic! Congrats on finishing your novel, you must have such a feeling of accomplishment. Good job girl!

  3. Kori, where have I been that I didn’t know you were writing a novel? Geesh! So exciting! Yes, I did see the Red Riding Hood movie. Quite a bit of luscious chemistry between Amanda and her swain (*sigh*). I heard recently that he was being considered for the part of Edward in the Twilight movies and when you see this movie you’ll see why … same kind of interesting charisma … xoxo

  4. I love her. She has such a unique look.

    I look forward to when your novel is available! Definitely lets us know how we can get our hands on it!

  5. Kori, Fabulous images, she is gorgeous!!

    Very excited about your book, can’t wait I want to be the 1st to hear!!

    Art by Karena

  6. Hey eyes! For pity’s sake, they’re gorgeous! What an awesome way to do a shoot, too- with the animals and all. Lovely post, and I’m excited for you and your novel. :)

    -Brianne Danae

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