Bloggers Day of Silence

I’ve decided to participate in the Bloggers Day of Silence to support Japan, brought to you by For Japan With Love.  The Fine Man Friday post you all expect will be up Saturday instead! Now we have some man candy to look forward to for the weekend.  Fine Man Friday will be back to it’s regular time next week.  Don’t forget to vote for next week, and to enter the giveaway before it ends at 4 p.m. tomorrow!

If you want to donate to the cause and help those in need in Japan, go here.  See you all tomorrow with the FMF and Giveaway winners!

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  1. The Japan thing is so sad…

    I feel their pain. Wish I understood the devastation that is happening all over the world.

    I had to evacuate because I live a block from the beach in Maui. It was so scary to think I may lose my home!


  2. great way to help other!!! right now I am supporting the Acqua for Life initiative on my blog.. stop by if you can, it would be lovely :)

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