Fine Man Friday

It’s getting to be about that time that I’m kind of ready to move on.  From what, you ask? Fine Man Friday.  I’d like to move on to do another feature for Friday’s.  I’m open to any ideas, so hit me with em’!  In the meantime, here’s your choice for the week–Paul Walker, who won by a landslide!

Oh, more good news!  I just realized I’m featured over at my friend’s blog today!  Check her out at Cupcakes and Corsets and tell me what you think of my interview!  So exciting!
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  1. Kori, I love your photo on the interview page! Your smile reminds me of Jessica Alba. :)

    And mmmmm…. Paul Walker!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummmmmyyyyyyyyyy!

  2. Goodness, I’ve got to start checking back here for these drool worthy posts! I adore that photo of Paul Walker where he’s wearing those glasses and suit….mmm….kind of reminds me of a blonde Clark Kent….giggle…

  3. Holy Blue Eyes! He is yummy!

    I know a few years back there was gossip about him being involved with a girl underage….would love to know if this was true or not.

    Anywho…He is hott and I think he’s an awesome actor!

  4. OMG I [heart] fine man Friday!! lol

    I commented on your Good News Post… how freakin’ exciting!! I am totally going to pick up a copy, that is the coolest thing ever!

  5. I started reading this post and it was immdediately starred in my google reader. I love Paul Walker! He is delish. That first photo is perfection! Fine Man Friday is seriously the BEST way to start the weekend! xoxo

  6. Such a hotty! Hum…not sure what you should do on Fridays. I’ll have to think on it. Have a wonderful weekend, sweet lady!


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