How Can You Not Love Robert?

This weeks winner for Fine Man Friday is none other than Robert Downey, Jr.  I’m so excited, because he’s hilarious, adorable, and has come such a long way from his addictions.  I hope you enjoy the photos and don’t forget to vote for next weeks man!

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  1. I love RDJ!!!!! He’s hot and funny. Like you said he’s come a long way since his addiction and I’m happy to see him as FMF!!!! Thanks!!!!

  2. It is amazing how he has come back from the low he hit. And is still a hottie if not better looking now.

  3. Have to say I’m not one for a celebrity crush but I absolutley AD ORE this man.

    Very bizzarly, a couple of weeks ago I actually found the time in my day to go on to You Tube (NEVER in my LIFE been there before) and find the Elton John track ‘I want love’ in order to swoon at said crush. Even watched it twice – felt like a teenager!

    Thanks for sharing,
    fee x

  4. I’m always late posting, but I have a great excuse this time.. I’m getting pretty freaked out about all these quakes here in Japan.. this time.. I’m really scared…

    BUT, thanks to my bloggie friends here to cheer me up with photos of the likes of … this fine GQ man..

  5. Ohh yeah! I agree, and he is gorgeous too. I used to have such a huge crush on him when I was younger! I love that “bad guy” look.

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