Kat Von D’s Wonderland

I’ve posted on Kat before.  There’s no exciting, big news about her, but I’ve been wanting to visit her art gallery and thought you might too.  The gallery is next door to High Voltage Tattoo, (better known as L.A. Ink), and is called Wonderland Gallery.

I went to a festival this weekend (The Pink Parlour, which wasn’t that great, unfortunately), and Kat’s gallery had a booth there.  I got to see a sampling of some of the oddities and beauties she has for sale.  I’m not into anything too dark or depressing, but do like some of the skulls, taxidermy, etc.  (I know, I’m weird).  Anyway, not only is there a fantastic selection of rare and different books, but there are strange apothecary products, jewelry, platform heels, and of course artwork to purchase.

If you’re in or around L.A., you should definitely stop by.  The address is: 1257 North La Brea Avenue West Hollywood, CA  90038.  Tell them I sent you!   **Oh, and by the way, the shoes she’s wearing on the book cover are sold there too!

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  1. Her shops are across the street from my apt. Like literally, I walk for less than a minute and I’m there :)

    Never been to either but drive past them everyday, wonderland’s window art is…interesting. I am totally into dark-ish stuff (not psycho, more like Halloween, scary movies, skulls lol) but there are mannequins with animal masks in the windows and it’s just freaky lol!

  2. man, I miss LA! (just moved to ATL last summer) I would love to go visit this gallery.

    Every time I see her I want to hit up a tattoo parlor. I LOVE tattoos and my husband hates them. ugh! I only have one, and I want at least two more. He’d have a fit.

  3. I adore Kat and her style. I wish I was brave enough to get a tattoo. I think you and I are practically neighbors. Love your blog.

  4. I always thought Kat was so talented.I wouldn’t get a tattoo( I’m scared of needles), but if I did I’d go to her:)

  5. In a word about her….ick!! Why would someone “hang” art on their body that they wouldn’t put on their walls?? ick!!
    I say a BIG thumbs down to “ink”!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

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