Lindsay Is Her Name

Have you heard the news?  Lindsay Lohan plans to change her name to just Lindsay.  Yes, like Prince, Oprah, Cher, etc.  Does her career warrant the name change?  I’m not so sure about that.  What I do know is she is a little nuts, (understandingly with the family she was a part of), but is still beautiful.  I stumbled across these gorgeous photos of her from Vanity Fair in October 2010, and realized I never used them.  They have an old Hollywood look that you know I love.

**All photos by Norman Jean Roy for Vanity Fair Magazine
Perfect photos for the upcoming Spring/Summer season don’t you think?  Which one is your favorite?
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  1. I’m a big Lindsay supporter. Don’t judge me =) I honestly see potential in her IF she could get herself together. Gorgeous girl, for sure.

  2. you’re right, these photos are beautiful, although i agree with beth–would love to see that gorgeous red hair return!

  3. i think it’s a toss up for my fave between the first one and the 6th one in BW. i thinks she’s such a stunning girl…i just wish she would keep the red head to show support for her fellow ginger sista’s.

    and funny thing…her and i have the same lip freckle.

    happy tuesday!

  4. These pictures remind me of how young she is – but also of how much she’s managed to derail in her short career. Very sad.

    Lovely pictures, though. I like the one where she’s coming up from below deck, in the white sleeveless dress.

    P.s. I awarded you the stylish blogger award :-) stop by my blog to grab it!

  5. I thought she might go with LiLo. That was my personal favorite nickname.

    These photos are just incredible. Makes me nostalgic for her good ol’ Disney Parent Trap days, before she went off the deep end. She’s so stunning.

  6. Good pics, but I have been over her for a long time-poor girl. Love the idea for Fashion Friday! Be sure to stop by my blog each day this week for a new giveaway!

  7. Good pics, but I have been over her for a long time-poor girl. Love the idea for Fashion Friday! Be sure to stop by my blog each day this week for a new giveaway!

  8. She looks amazing in these pics. And deos anyone else see a young Sharon Stone here (especially the black halterneck and the hat pic)??

    Sarah xxx

  9. I agree I think she is pretty crazy but still very beautiful, these photos are stunning and I’m happy to see here in a different kind of light here. She looks so classic. I really love all the photos but the very first one is my favorite.


  10. Interesting. She always seems so full of herself to me. You would think after all she’s been through she would be a little more humble!

  11. It’s a shame she cant seem to pull her life together. Maybe she just needs a good dose of reality….she just got out of rehab and got in trouble in the first week! Ugh she needs to take some cues from other celebs and stay home!

  12. Love the feel of this shoot. She definitely cleans up well. However I really think she needs to focus more on getting her life back on track and less on what name she wants to go by…
    Happy Monday!!!

  13. She is so beautiful! I hate that she has made so many bad choices. I really was rooting for her, but I’m losing faith!!! Maybe she wants to change her name to just Lindsay to get rid of the bad reputation that Lohan carries…hello pappa Lohan. Have a good Monday, love!

  14. Great photography, though I pity her addiction problem. I mentioned your book on my blog today. Also, I’m selling one of the LV purses!


  15. It’s a shame that her personality doesn’t equal her beauty. Sounds like her ego is behind the name change. (I’m sooooo popular that everyone will know me by my first name).

  16. i just think that she is simply beautiful. i don’t care if she did stupid things,even Marilyn Monroe wasn’t perfect. she’s simply radiant.

  17. wow in these pictures she looks almost like she did in her younger years (parent trap) I hadn’t heard about her name change..very interesting lol

  18. She’s a very pretty girl, but I’m so tired of her.

    And you’re right, I don’t think she’s accomplished enough in her career to merit a name change.

    I hope she doesn’t skate by these most recent charges. She’s gotten away with enough as it is.

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