Mr. Big Himself

Since yesterday was a bloggers day of silence for Japan, I didn’t post the Fine Man Friday winner.  You asked for him, and here he is!  Chris Noth is our winner this week.  I love Mr. Big himself, and love seeing him on Law and Order.  Hope you enjoyed your Friday.  I got my hair done (and added a feather!), and saw The Lincoln Lawyer.  It was amazing.  I’ll be announcing the giveaway winner tomorrow afternoon, because I have to run…tattoo removal and then a massage!  Enjoy your weekend dolls!

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  1. I saw “The Lincoln Lawyer” today too!!! It was sooooo good!!! I love that Matthew M. no matter how the movie is but the fact that the movie was so amazing made it even more worth my money….hahaha
    Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

  2. Oh, Mr. Big . . . he is so dashing! My friend Marisa sent me an email last week saying she had just run into him in her office building–unbelievably lucky!

    I wanna hear about tattoo removal! What are you removing, and how long is the process? I saw your post on twitter today and was curious!

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