Pink and Green Thursday

Today I decided to choose photos of make-up for Pink and Green Thursday.  I am a true girl and love make-up, so much so that I even worked for MAC at one time.  I have more colors than I know what to do with, and nothing lights up a face like beautiful eye shadow or lipstick.  So, I’m curious, would you wear pink or green on your face?

I want to say thank you so much for all the support on my announcement from yesterday.  I am so in awe of the blogging community and how many great people I feel encourage me every day.  I hope to have another update on the process very soon!
Have a great Thursday and don’t forget to vote for Fine Man Friday!
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  1. Hmm I’ll take green eye makeup and pink blush and lipstick, but I’ll let you do it, since you’re the MAC expert. I’m not too good with being bold. :)

  2. Such pretty looks! I am a huge fan of bright pink lips, but I usually use more neutral colors on my eyes. I may have to try some green hues after this post… XOXO

  3. Beautiful pictures! I most definatley would and have worn pink and green shadows! I created a look just for St. Patty’s day, lol! Tell us more about your MAC days! It is so cool that you worked for the company.

  4. Kori, I love your header and images – so vibrant!! Thank you so very much for stopping by Emily A Clark’s blog today and reading about my chair project. I appreciate your comment!! Thanks!

  5. I can’t resist dark emerald green eyeliner, it makes the green in my eyes pop! I’m jealous you worked at a MAC counter, that is one of my “maybe someday” dream jobs.

    x M.

  6. LOOOVE the lips! Love them. The second and last photo make me wanna go out and get hot pink lipstick in a high gloss!

    I’m absolutely not opposed to wearing any color on my face. I’m just a little shy about it!

  7. Those photos are terrific! I especially like #2, #6, and #8. I love makeup too, and I would most def wear pink and green!

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