Wordless Wednesday And Great News!

Well, I promised some good news on the novel front, so for Wordless (Semi) Wednesday, I had to share!  After finishing my novel, I was on the hunt for a good illustrator to do the cover art.  Guess who I chose?  Inslee Haynes!  I’m so honored to have her doing my cover art.  I couldn’t wait to share the news with all of you!  If you aren’t familiar with her work, check out these wordless images.

I’m so excited to release the novel.  We have a tentative date of April 15.  It will be available on Amazon as an Ebook and in paperback version.  Thank you all for your support.  I can’t wait for you to read it!  If you love Inslee’s art, stop by her blog and let her know I sent you!  Have a great day, and don’t forget to vote for Fine Man Friday!
Lastly, if you haven’t heard, Hollywood Legend Elizabeth Taylor has passed away at the age of 79 from heart failure.  I will doing a tribute post to her and her career on Saturday, so please make sure to come by then. 
I also forgot!!!  I’m featured on my friend Michelle’s blog today, Oh Mishka.  Please go check it out and tell her I sent you, her blog is adorable!  
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  1. Ooh! How very exciting and I’m such a fan of Inslee Haynes. I can’t remember where I’ve seen her work before, but it was definitely mentioned on another blog, and I am sure her gorgeous gals will help your book fly out of the Amazon warehouse! Congratulations!

  2. First of all completely amazing that you wrote a book!! And so exciting to be working with such a talented artist!

    Congrats SO MUCH on all of it, sweetie!!


  3. Congratulations babydoll on your fabulous, FABULOUS news! You are amazing and so talented and I know brilliant things are in your very near future. Can’t wait to read it my love! ALSO OMG could you have chosen a more fabulous illustrator? I think not! YIPPEE!! Pop the bubbly cutie! *Clink clink*! Cheers :) xooxox

  4. Congratulations Kori on the release of your novel! I know the amount of work and dedication it takes to get to the finish line! How about doing some cross marketing for our respective books? Let me know when you have a finished cover and I’ll post something about it! Bravo, Isabelle xx

  5. I’m so so so so excited for you!! Yea! That is something to really be proud of, and the cover art looks like it will be fabulous! Can’t wait to purchase one!

  6. Congratulations sweetie on your first novel! I can’t wait to read more about it, and I’m sure with such an amazing illustrator, the cover will be fabulous! All the best to you Kori :D!

  7. Hi Kori honey,

    That is seriously stellar news! Many happy congrats on partnering with such a talented artist – her work is chic, wildly glam, and ever so pretty!

    I want to take a moment to say thank you deeply for your comments recently over at Chronically Vintage. I appreciate and treasure each of your visits and all of the caring things you say.

    Tons of hugs & blissful Friday wishes!!!
    <3 Jessica

  8. Augh! I’m so excited for you!!! I LOVE her work!!! And guess what – I bet she’s super honored and excited to be working with YOU too!!!

    Okay – so when I buy your novel – will you sign it for me? ;-D

    I’m doing the happy duct tape dance! YAY!!!


  9. That is fabulous! I LOVE this artist too, good choice. You have to tell me the process and what your book is about. I’m starting to piece together ideas to write a fiction novel so I’d love to hear the process!

  10. Congrats on your exciting news. I do love the art work and will stop by and visit her. I’ll come back to explore your blog some more too, looks like a great find!

  11. This is such fabulous news! You must be so incredibly proud of yourself girl! I love those images and I can’t wait to read your book. This is so exciting!

  12. Her work is amazing! I am thinking what cute blog headers her illustrations could make! Congrats, Cutie! xo

  13. Hi Kori! Im back again.Much cngratulations to you on your book.I never knew.Your page looks sooooooo cute.I love the illustrations too, shes awesome.see you again soon!

  14. congrats thats amazing i will be sure to grab a copy when it comes out! thats so exciting
    ps did you get the email i sent you with the questions for the interview i just wanted to make sure you got it

  15. OMG Congratulations!!!

    1. You have the most adorable blog EVER!
    2. Check out my blog tomorrow morning for a little surprise for you :)
    3. Love the artwork and cannot wait to read your novel!!!!!


    Blonde Recession

  16. You don’t even know ( well i guess you probably do) how awesome those pics are! They are perfect, amazing and so chic! I wish I had a book to use them in too! Congrats on the novel and I can’t wait to read it!

  17. A big CONGRATULATIONS to you! How exciting! And could not have chosen better… the artwork you featured is gorgeous. Happy Wednesday, sweetie!

  18. And exciting news it is! Congratulations to you, I love your choice for the illustrations ~ Can’t wait to see the book ~

  19. This is such wonderful news! Congratulations! I am absolutely OBSESSED with Inslee Haynes and nearly fell off of my seat when I read that she will be doing your cover work! What a tremendous honor! Can I just tell you that I am so beyond in AWE of you and your novel? I cannot wait to buy a copy when it comes out and read it!

    Have a wonderful day!


  20. Great pick on the artist for your cover!!! Her illustrations are so fierce. I adore the 1st pic you put up. You are an inspiration, wow! A whole novel, huh? I am excited for you…congrats! And thanks for reading.

  21. Gorgeous art! Your book will have a beautiful cover, no doubt.

    I’m here from Semi Wordless Wednesday. Have a wonderful week. =)

  22. I have always dreamed of writing a novel and having it published. I am an avid reader and can only imagine how awesome it would feel to hold my very own novel in my hands. You are such an inspiration. I can’t wait to read this little jewel of yours. I’m sure it will be fantastic!!! And you made a great choice for the cover art. Her stuff is AMAZING!!! Your novel is bound to be as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.
    Anyways to answer your question I do have a twitter. However I don’t use it that much currently mainly because I don’t have a lot of friends on there. @PrncessMelissaC is my username on there. I would love to meet up sometime soon. I also have a facebook if that’s an easier way to plan things.

  23. Ok so I am brand new to your blog, but congratulations on completing a novel!! That is so exciting and a major accomplishment. Also, nice choice on the artist! Her work looks lovely.

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