Wordless Wednesday Dave Gahan

I’ll try to be brief, since it’s Wordless (semi) Wednesday and all.  Dave Gahan, the lead singer of Depeche Mode has always been one of my favorite crushes.  I’ve seen Depeche in concert several times, and there’s just something about him that makes me squeal like a school girl.  He was just featured in an article in the New York Times as one of the “Godfathers of Glam.”  You can check it out here.  Have a great day friends!!!

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  1. What a lovely surprise for my Wednesday. I too have seen Depeche Mode several times in the 90’s. Violator is one of my top 5 Albums/CD’s of all time!! Love Dave!

  2. I recently stumbled upon your blog and I had to tell you that I am a definite fan. I too am a teacher (I currently teach Middle School History) and it seems that we have a lot of the same loves and interest. It was funny because you posted on Bella Pilar (who I love too) and literally this last week I bought a box set of her cards that I found when I was out and about so I could frame a few of them and then use the rest of them for my girlfriends throughout the year. Anyways I just wanted to drop a note and say hi. xoxoxox

  3. Ohhhh, yeahhhh… My favourite band when I was a teen (and really, still is my fave). I was in love with Martin Gore when I was younger, but dated one guy who was a Dave Gahan twin, so def. see the appeal! This post made my day heheheh!

  4. Ohh girl, you have the best taste! I love him, he is gorgeous, talented and stylish. Depeche Mode is one of my favourite bands and I’ve seen them in concert and you are totally right, he just has something.
    Thanks for the gorgeous pics!

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