Wordless Wednesday Feminine Fancy

Happy Wednesday everyone!  We are officially almost over the hump.  I love Wordless Wednesday (Semi) because it allows me to share some amazing images, mostly from my friends at Pinterest.  Have you signed up for Pinterest yet?  Send me an email, and I will send you an invite.  Today’s images are from Leah Dent’s Fashion and Flair Board.  Check her out!

Have you entered my Spring Break Giveaway?  It ends next Friday, the 18th, so make sure to enter!  Have a great day friends and don’t forget to enter for Fine Man Friday!!!  
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  1. I adore this post! Part of me wants the third (blue) for my next bday party… not sure you can pull that off once you are out of your 20s though. ;) *Carrie

  2. I just love these old prom dresses. I have a fabulous light blue one in my Etsy shop that I bought for a dream at a Flea Market


  3. Wow, those dresses are GORGEOUS! Now I really wish I had worn something a little more frilly to work today! Harumph.

  4. I love all the bling. So beautiful….I live on an island where people don’t dress up. But having been raised in Orange County, California….well I have a closet of BLING….

    Yup. I play dress up by myself.

    Frightening….shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!


  5. love all of these dresses…esp the aqua with coral sequins. such a pretty color combo.

    p.s. i fixed your button on my blog. :)

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