Bringing Back BoHo

How many of you have a feather in your hair?  Not yet, well, just wait, you will.  I have had mine for about 2 weeks now, and am ready to take it out.  I love the look, but they’re everywhere! It seems the hippie/bohemian fashion scene is back in a big way.  If you’re not sure what that means, there are feathers, fringe, headbands of every kind, natural colors, textures, and fabrics, and of course lots of leathers and natural stones.

I love the BoHo look.  The natural, long, often-braided hair is one of my favorite parts about it. The other thing I like is the relaxed attitude that comes along with the fashion. The look began in the 1960’s with free love, drugs, anti-government everything, and friendship.  It might be time to dig into your mom’s closets and find those bell bottoms and vests.

I hope you’re week is off to a good start.  I’m getting on the exercise train this week, so someone please hold me accountable?  Have a great day friends!
**All images courtesy of Google and Pinterest
I’m also guest posting today at my friend Jessica’s blog, The Embellished Life!  Head over, check out the post on some L.A. shopping and tell me what you think!  Make sure to tell Jessica I sent you and how great her blog is!  
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  1. Oh, def feeling this post! I love this look and so reminds me of my momma!
    I did buys some teal feather earings from Forever 21 :)
    gi gi

  2. I love the necklace that is just to cute !! I have noticed that the feather earrings are so in right now..but I don’t think I can pull that look off but I must find that necklace… love it !

  3. Ok, a totally absolutely completely fabulous post. I was super impressed with the nautical post yesterday and this once tops it. And I’m inspired yet again for more note cards. I think I am just going to have to call it the “Kori Collection: Vintage, Nautical, Boho”. Love this post and I’m glad you included Jimi (he’s on my IPOD). And to top it off I think I need to go shopping…

  4. I am loving this look, and since I didn’t get to live it the first time around you can bet that this girl will be going all out!

  5. Thank you so much for posting “Bringing Back Boho!” I had my poncho and feathered earrings on last week. I do braids on the weekends. LOVE LOVE IT!

  6. I’ve been seeing the hair-feathers lately although I haven’t tried it. I love the hippie look (and attitude) as well, which is good I guess since I live in SF. ha. I need to get on the exercise train as well after all the cadbury eggs I’ve been eating!!

  7. I ADORE this style so much. It’s free and easy.

    I don’t have a feather and don’t plan to have one… I just wanna look at Steven Tyler’s!!!

  8. I love Gisele in French Vogue…don’t even care it I am the only one who does. Bring back the hippy…cool post!

  9. I gotta admit, I’m not a BoHo type of girl, but lemme tell you – the HAIR is gorgeous and something I will definitely want to rock! I think the pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and although it’s not really my style to do full BoHo, I’m sure I can incorporate BoHo elements into my daily wardrobe!

  10. OMGoodness…… That is my teen years!!! The headband.. the bell bottoms & OMG!! I really miss it BUT the antiestablishment became the establishment!! LOL!!
    BOHO needs to go in the annals of history the same way the Flapper’s did!!
    Great Post…I loved it!!

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