Classic Cars and Confetti Cake

I spent some time with my parents today, and we went to the local car show.  I took some great photos and I’m dying to purchase an old car.

My gorgeous Mom!
Me and my handsome dad!
And…finally the Metropolitan I’m dying to buy!  How cute is she?
Then we took a drive down to Susie Cakes in Newport Beach and had to try the Confetti cake.  It’s to die for!  What a fun day!  Hope you’re having a great Easter weekend friends!
Mimi La Rue rode along
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  1. …and a final P.S. (please don’t kill me…) LOVE that you have the Bible verse there for Easter… He’s Alive!!! Happy Easter to you and yours, Kori!!!


  2. You just made my stomach grumble!!! :) Glad you had fun with your parents…they are precious!! Happy Easter!


  3. ..oh yes, P.S. – your little doggie is awesome, too!!! Just don’t feed it TOO much sweet stuff… :-]


  4. Awesome stuff, Kori!!!

    Your folks are SO cool… and there are some pretty dang cool cars there! Hey – the little Nash reminded me of the ‘American Pickers’ show – not sure if you watch that, but it’s where a couple of dudes go around and search for ‘antiques’ in people’s junked-up barns and stuff… and there was a Nash pretty much like that one (well, not fully restored, of course…) on a recent show…but they didn’t get it, strangely enough…
    Anyway, glad all is well in SoCal with Blondie!!! :-) And, tell your folks to keep on being awesome!(like I know them, right?)

    KIG, Kori!

  5. My dad owned a vintage truck while growing up so I have a special place in my heart for vintage cars. Great pictures – you look fab, per usual! Have a lovely Easter!

  6. What a good looking family! I could totally see you in a classic cherry red Mustang. Those cakes looks yummy! What a fun Saturday.

  7. What a great day!!! I love old cars.
    I don’t know how you chose just one of those cupcakes.

    Happy Easter!

  8. Your parents are BEAUTIFUL!!! No wonder you’re so gorgeous!

    Looks like you had an awesome day! Love all the cars! And Mimi La Rue is a doll! xoxo

  9. Lucky! Car shows are mucho fun! My favorite one to go to was Hot August Nights. But, I haven’t seen a show with the Army moving us around so much.

  10. Great pics! I love cars and I love car shows! Your pup is adorbs!

    I used to love going to “Autorama” when I lived in Waco. I think they have one in Dallas, too, but haven’t been yet!

  11. Great pictures! I’d love to have an old corvette. I bet little miss Mimi would like a convertible so she can feel the wind in her hair!!

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