David Garrett Be Still My Heart

If you caught Dancing With The Stars this week, you saw violinist David Garrett play his heart out.  I never knew a violinist could be so young and hip!  Wow…he really made an impression on me and I’m sure several others.  Not only is he talented, but gorgeous as well.  Check out the pictures and video of David and tell me what you think.  I’m on my way to meet up with Heather of This and That and LeeAnn of Join the Gossip for lunch.  I will have pics soon!  Have a great day friends!

**All  Images Courtesy of Yahoo.com
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  1. Anonymous

    He is gorgeous. Saw him live in Seattle Feb.1 2011. The next day found out he was in the same hotel as me and I was the luckiest girl to bump into him as he was leaving for his tour bus. He is all that and more! Had to say I was kind of starstruck! If you get the chance to see him live. GO, and buy Rock Symphonies, it’s such a great CD

  2. He is super talented and so popular actually (maybe more in Europe so far, who knows), and not so bad on the eyes either. :) My mom even likes him, which always makes me laugh when she refers to him as “her guy”. ;)

    Hope you had fun at lunch with the girls. :)

    Happy weekend.


  3. He is a hottie. The most I have ever watched of DWTS was the beginning this week. He had me mesmorized.

  4. Oh Kori how handsome a heartthrob and so talented!!

    Come and enter my fashionable giveaway from The French Basketeer!

    Art by Karena

  5. OMG!!! I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars and therefore hadn’t heard of David Garrett but he is HOT! Exactly my type. I will definitely be googling him and downloading what I can . . . he is dangerously sexy.

    Have so much fun with Leeann! I loooooove her and she’s even more darling in person. I’m pretty jealous right now–I want to transport myself to SoCal so I can join y’all!


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