Fashion Fridays Denim Dreams

**Photo courtesy of The Daybook

In trying to think of a post for the 2nd Fashion Friday linkup, I realized that there is nothing more important  in my wardrobe than my jeans.  I love denim, all denim–denim pants (jeans of course), jackets, shirts, skirts, shorts, even vests.  The great thing about denim is it matches everything.  You can dress it up or down, look cute or sexy, and it holds up forever.  There’s nothing better than going out for the night in a hot pair of jeans, a cute top, and some sexy pumps.

**Photo courtesy of The Daybook

I wanted to find out more about where this ongoing trend came from.  There are some arguments about where the denim trend actually began.  The first of which being that the Genovese sailors wore this fabric for their everyday pants, which came to be known as “jeans.”  Other think the fabric came from France over 500 years ago.

So where does the modern version or standard “blue jean” come from?  I’m proud to say that the trend originated in California.  A man by the name of Levi Strauss came to America around 1847 and decided to head toward San Francisco where the gold rush was taking place.  He joined up with a tailor and together they began making sturdy pants and overalls with metal rivets from a tough material of denim and cotton duck.  The pants were so sturdy and comfortable that all the miners and workers wanted to wear them.

**Photo courtesy of The Daybook

Over time, denim became more and more popular.  In the 1950’s teenagers made them popular with their “greaser” look.  They also gained notoriety with the movie stars of the time wearing them.  Today, they continue to be a staple of our wardrobes.  Children, men, and women alike rely on their “jeans” to get them through the week. I, myself have over 40 pairs and can’t seem to get enough.

MAC even recently came out with a new line called “Jeanius” that celebrates shades of denim.  What do you think of the trend?  Do you live in your jeans as I do?  Are you thankful to Levi Strauss for making them popular or do you wish we dressed more formally today?  Have a great Fashion Friday friends!!!!
*Image courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

**All information found at The History of Blue Jeans  **All photos courtesy of Pinterest

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  1. Great post! These denim looks are gorgeous. I totally agree and have a bit of an obsessive relationship with my skinny jeans. Definitely a staple in my wardrobe! I am especially loving the denim on denim and wideleg looks in these photos.

  2. I love this post! So many gorgeous photos and such gorgeous denim! I agree- I adore my jeans and wear them more than anything else in my closet. It’s fun to dress them up with a heel for dinner, and keep them simple during the days with flats.

    Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend love :) Hugs xx

  3. Here I was thinking it was a fashion faux pas to wear denim and denim, you have clearly proved me wrong.. but how would it work on a man?

  4. Hey girl couldn’t make it in time to link up! (The dog… well he doesn’t like the vet!) So that has been an all day affair! But I did make a post that you can check out! I love your post! My fiancee says I’m addicted to my jeans and I’m always adding more to my collection! Can’t wait for more link ups and less vet visits!

  5. Hey Darling, I’m a bit late tonight, it’s been a tremendously busy few days. Still Happy Fashion Friday! This denim post is terrific. Thank you for including a bit of the history of denim as well. LOVE IT! xoxo

  6. Man, I am really digging those denim wide leg trouser jeans…those are fabulous! And, I need those denim shoes with the studded backs. To. Die. For!!!

    Have a good weekend!!!

  7. I am all about my jeans. I get my favorite pairs that just fit perfect and end up wearing them so much that they end up with holes. LOL

  8. Yeah! I do a Fashion Friday too! This is my 5th one, would love more to join in! I will be here on Fridays for sure!

  9. Flipping sweet denim options! Sydney rocks EVERYTHING. I’m so loving the wide legged and big flare legged denim choices!

    I linked up this week. YAY!

  10. Fabulous post on jeans!! I recently bought two new pairs from Loft and love any excuse to wear them. Hope you have a great weekend!! :)

  11. Hey!

    good posts this week! love the coral one and nautical. i started to do a nautical one a couple weeks ago but got distracted. sorry haven’t been by that much. my hands have been killing me since monday, so limiting my computer time. linking up now!


  12. Great pictures doll! I am wearing jeans at work today and they are so comfy. Of course I had to wear some fun boots to “dress” the look up of course. xoxox

  13. I love the third photo! I wish I could pull off white pants like that. I am totally inspired to look for a button down denim/chambray with pearl snaps! I have been looking for the perfect one since last year and I forgot about it!

  14. i love the first denim look. i really want to try and pull this off one of these days. i just need to find a demin button down.

  15. Love these looks, and I’m having so much fun linking up for Fashion Fridays! I’m obsessed with my dark toothpick jeans right now… perfect with my beloved tunics! XO

  16. Love the post! My favorite picture has to be the shoes. And I think a pair of the wide leg jean, I have tons of boot cut, my favorite. I think its time to branch out…
    I was trying to gather and write about the “history” of my post as well but didn’t get to far due to very slow internet. I’m looking forward to next week.

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