Fashion Fridays Louis Vuitton Love

It’s Fashion Friday!  I’m so excited for you all to link up for the 3rd week of the feature.  This week, I decided to show some love for my favorite handbag designer of all time, Louis Vuitton.  
There’s so much history to the Louis Vuitton name.  Louis Vuitton began in 1896.  Their logo represents a Japanese-inspired flower motif.  The logo was created to prevent counterfeiting.  Although they have gone to great lengths to prevent counterfeiting of their bags, only 1% of LV’s in circulation are reportedly authentic.  (Louis Vuitton History) 
The company itself was started by one man, Louis Vuitton himself.  The company began with their famous trunks which were carried by all the elite.  After Louis Vuitton’s death in 1892, his son branched out to make the company a corporation.  
The Louis Vuitton building opened in Champs-Elysees in 1914.  Other locations opened all over the world, and the brand quickly became one of the staples in fashion.  The company continues to expand and create new bags and trends every year.  
Do you have a Louis Vuitton bag?  I have a few and have always loved the versatility and fact that they never go out of style.  Many love Louis Vuitton for their shoes, clothing, jewelry, etc.  What do you love about them?
I still have my Camo Murakami limited edition for sale if you’re interested.  You can check it out here, and then email me if you have questions.  I also have some good news on the novel front!  Inslee Haynes finished my cover art and it is amazing!  We are all set for May 6 release on Amazon!  Have a great Friday friends, and don’t forget to link up (and if you do, please mention the link up and grab the button!)

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  1. i love louis vuitton. i got my first one in paris on the champs elysee. it was so much fun. i’ve since acquired a few more bags, wallets, and accessories. he’s my absolute favorite. his stuff never looks dated, and it’s always in style. i look forward to getting a neverfull…one day…when i have a good reason.

  2. oh man, im sorry i didn’t get home till after midnight to try and link up :( but im still going to do that right now anyways. :)

  3. Love, love, love the last photo. I’d love a pink dress like that and the shoes… And the luggage too. Need I forget the shades – they make the outfit.

  4. Such an incredibly fashionable Friday!! I adore the green and pink vintage inspired dress.

    I’d like to invite you to join my Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway :)

  5. Luggage and handbags and a few bobbles of wrist candy! It is an addiction for certain. I rarely carry anything else. LV for this girl please and thank you.

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  6. I accidentally linked to pink and green when I meant to link here. But anyway, Louis Louis oh how I love you…

  7. Unfortunately I have no LV that I can call my own (yet!). It’s on my “please buy it for me on my birthday, please, please, please?!”-list. To me LV symbolizes pure, elegant, girlie, traditional and “clean” fashion. If that makes any sense. ;)

    Awwww…just love it. :D

    Happy Friday.


  8. Yay! I love LV! I have the Tivoli in monogram canvas, the Totally in Damier Azur Canvas, and the little zip around wallet in Monogram Canvas. I dislike that there are so many fakes out there. I only buy my LVs at NM in Dallas. My advice to others is just to save your $$$ to buy one instead of buying a fake one.

    Thank you for sponsoring Fashion Friday! Hopefully I’ll have better luck w/ making vlogs for FF in the future. :)

  9. There is something about the Louis Vuitton classic brown and tan print that I just love! I think that even though it isn’t affordable fashion…hehe…I might have to get a bag or wallet from them one of these days as a special treat…so classic!

    Liesl :)

  10. Hey Bargain! Thanks for the sweet comments…I couldn’t find an email or blog for you! See you soon…Kori xoxo

  11. Oh how I adore all things Louis Vuitton! I named my speedy Louis and I bring him with me everywhere… he is like my child. Is this odd???? Tee hee.

    Happy Fashion Friday, and have a fabulous weekend my dear! XO

  12. Hey girl! Loved this post and all the pictures. I really wanted to link up with you last week, but was home sick with brochitis. I’m hoping to get something in order for next Friday. Have a great Friday! TGIF. Newest follower. =)

  13. Absolutely beautiful!! Love Louis Vuitton! I have been saving images that I have seen to do a post on it sometime. You have some great ones! Happy Friday!!


  14. You know – I do NOT own one of the bags… but I ADORE the story behind Louis!!! I didn’t know ANY of that!!!

    I would give my eye teeth for a travel case though… yum!

    Happy Friday! AND CONGRATULATIONS on the novel!!! I can NOT wait – and I WILL own it!!!

    ;-D robelyn


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