Fashion Fridays Pirates Booty

I’m so in love with this look.  Check out the belt.

It’s my favorite day of the week: Fashion Friday!  I’ve been on Spring Break this week and it seems that the blogs have been a little quiet.  I know everyone is excited about the Royal wedding and probably will be posting about it, but I chose a different route.

Nothing says pirate like a skull and cross bones necklace

With Pirates of the Caribbean coming out May 20, I’m a little obsessed with (as always) Johnny Depp, and the pirate style.  What exactly is pirate style, you ask?  Well, there are a lot of ruffles, leather, head scarves, skull-infused accessories, and of course long wavy hair and drastic eyeliner.  I’m really excited to see Penelope Cruz in this one.

Oh my Johhny

So, what do you think of the pirate inspired style?  Would you wear ruffles, big gold hoops, or maybe even a leather and lace corset top?

Loving the blouse
I’m dying for this clutch bag…look at the detail
Loving the whole outfit
So much fun!
Great dress from Anthropologie
Perfect accessories
I hope you had a great week friends and that you link up with me today!  If you want to, make sure to grab the button, link back to Blonde Episodes, and add your link below!  It’s just that simple.  Thanks for making Fashion Friday’s my favorite day of the week!  

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  1. Oh, kori me darling you’re a gal after my own heart! lol…. I LOVE the pirate look! The red and white stripe dress= LOVE and that pirate clutch..OH MY GOODNESS! Gorgeous!

  2. Ok so I’m loving this only because every year my parents and I go to PirateFest which is on Tybee Island in GA! It is so much fun and always great to see the lengths people go through to create their costumes! Also I’m just letting you know that I joined in this week and I am counting down to next Friday for three amazing reasons! I’m sure you can guess them!

    Miss Lifeguard

    P.S. I’m loving that belt as well! And I guess being a Lifeguard wouldn’t help against pirates!

  3. Not sure about the pirate look in general but I do love that striped dress from Anthropologie. :) I’ve never seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies!

  4. Nothing is sexier than Johnny Depp in his role as Cpt. Jack Sparrow! I can’t wait for the new movie to come out. My Hubby and I are going to head to the IMAX for the full effect. Maybe I’ll grab some pirate inspired clothing for the event? Fun! Love ye post, darlin’ ARRR!

  5. I secretly have always wanted to be a pirate! These pictures are so fun for Fashion Friday. Johnny–oohlala!!!

  6. Hey Kori!! You’re right, I came here thinking to find something about the royal wedding, but what a nice surprise! Johnny Depp- yummy!!! I LOVE this post, the whole “skull” look, right up my alley!! Have a good weekend! xoxo

  7. I love this look minus skulls and crossbones. That is just a trend I can never pick up. It looks cute on others though!

    We should all put together an outfit for the May 20th premiere.

  8. Happy Fashion Friday Kori Girl!
    Oh, birng on the Johnny ;) I love this post, love your style!
    I almost didn’t link up, IDK, how “fashionable” it is today! It is about love ( just a lil Royal Wedding, couldn’t help myself)
    Anyways, wanted to join in the fun!
    gi gi
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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