Fashion Fridays Warm Weather Wear

(Look at those amazing shades)

Happy Fashion Friday!!!  I hope you can link up with me this week.  If you want to link up, make sure to grab the button, and enter the blog hop!

I know it’s Easter this weekend and a lot of you are going post about what to wear for the holiday, so I chose to talk about something else.  I’m on Spring Break next week (thank goodness, I really need a break from my teenagers!), and can’t seem to stop dreaming about wearing shorts, sandals, tanks, and hats.  I dream of summer all year long and it’s almost here.  So, to kick off the season, I thought I would share some of my favorite images right now that show summer fashion.

(Romantic, flowy fabrics and horseback riding)

All the images I chose remind me of summer.  There’s horseback riding, sunglasses, beach time of course, flowy, light fabrics, tanned skin, off the shoulder tops, white pants, and of course bleached-blonde hair.

(I’m dying for these shorts–look at the tie)
There are so many reasons that summer is my favorite season, fashion being the first of course, but did you know that:
–The average American eats around 5 1/2 gallons of ice cream a year, more than any other nationality, but July is the month the most ice cream is sold, which is why we have it as National Ice Cream Month!
(Nothing better than a Louis Vuitton bikini)
–Did you also know that the first “bathing” suits were introduced in the early 1800’s.  Women were only “allowed” to simply dip their legs in the water and tans were not fashionable.
(Summer, wavy hair with an adorable headband)
(Sleeveless, nautical tank with adorable bracelets)
(Hat and sundress scream summer)
(Flowy, white fabrics at the beach)
(gorgeous off the shoulder white and navy)
(Khaki, linen, and white all the best of summer)

Happy Good Friday all.  May God bless you and your family on this holy day.  
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  1. Yay for spring break! Enjoy! It’s summer here about 80% of the year, but I always look forward to June, July, and August. Might have something to do with the teaching profession….. I will always love summer fashion!

  2. Pretty pictures. I love those shorts too! I’ve never seen anything like them. I cannot wait for summer. It’s been sunny here all week, but only 45 degrees.

  3. I’m dying for the bleach blonde beach waves, now and I just went back to my natural dishwater blonde a few months ago. Oh the perils of blondehood!

    Thanks for reminding me to link up. Being out of town gets me out of whack! LOVE YOU, lady.

  4. Thanks for hosting this again! :) I love that last picture. It just screams “classic summer.” Have a great day, and Happy Easter!! :)

  5. Yippie for Spring Break next week!! I know you can hardly wait. These pictures are great, hon! I love those white shorts. Come on warm weather!

  6. wauw what a great post, so many stunning photos!! I can’t wait to be in my bikini on the beach or on my boat :) Nice blog!



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