First Fashion Friday’s Tory Burch

Oprah recently called her “the next big thing in fashion.”  Her website hit 8 million hits that day.  She was born in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in 1967.  She majored in Art History, but never used her degree.  She worked for lines like Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang, but never designed clothes.  Who is she?  Famed designer, Tory Burch of course.

**Tory Burch

So how did a girl who didn’t major in fashion, and never designed clothing start her own clothing line?  She knew what she wanted to do and went for it.  In 2004, she started her own line, with tunics and the famous “Reva” flat.  Once she appeared on the Oprah show in 2005, success was only natural.

**Her famous Reva flat

According to the Los Angeles Times, by 2008, 300,000 pairs of her signature flat had been sold.  She is an example of how to live the American Dream, that’s for sure.  Her annual sales are around $200 million.

**New canvas slip ons
**From Tory Burch Website
**The handbag I’m dying for
**Tory Burch website
**Check out that gorgeous TB necklace
**Tory in one of her apartments
**All the Tory Burch Boutiques are decorated differently to resemble Tory’s homes
**The Tory Burch Trike sold at Neiman Marcus for $4,500
So, what do you think of my first Fashion Friday’s post?  I’m so excited about the new feature and would love if you would link up with me!  If you want to, see the blog hop links below and if you need help, email me!  Make sure you leave a comment if you decide to link up!  Happy Friday friends!  xoxo 
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  1. I love the way this post turned out! Fabulous job! All the links are great! I’ll make sure to get to my computer earlier next Friday. Happy Weekend!

  2. Fabulous Tory Burch post!!! Thanks for the details of her background. I just love stories about people’s journeys!! :)

  3. Love this. So stylish. Beyond glad I discovered your blog. I’m absolutely in love with this. I’d really be glad if you visit mine too. Check it out for updates every day about the latest fashion news, trends and street style. Would love your support. Kisses from Brazil xoxo

    PS: If you follow me, I’ll follow you back.

  4. I’m loving this new Fashion Friday!! You picked a great one for today. I heart TB! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. Hi Sweets..I puffy heart TB:) I saw your message on my blog…I have no idea what you mean about linking up? Like the others did here already? yikes….Im an idiot, or maybe its just Friday, lol

  6. Love love love!! You just made my mediocre day marvelous! TB is one of my top 10 favorite designers…and I just may do a Fashion Friday sometime instead of my normal “Isle of View Friday” Love the new feature!!

  7. i love tory burch. she’s amazing. i actually used that dress in my friday’s fancies post on my blog. i haven’t seen that bag on her website, but i would totally be dying for it as well had i seen it earlier. it almost looks like a speedy with a tory look to it!

  8. Beautiful post! I am in love with the bike. I need one in my life I’m sure!

    Lovely blog!

    The Flower Girl

  9. Loved hearing all of the background on Tory Burch.

    She is darling and all of her fashions are as well!

    Do come and enter my Giveaway (something French Inspired) from the Zhush!!You will love it!

    Art by Karena

  10. Oh how I adore Tory! So much eye candy in one post.
    And hip, hip, hooray for the first Fashion Friday! I’m coming to the fashion party with bells on! XOXO

  11. that’s crazy that she has never attended fashion school and she is huge now. those stores all look like closets I wish are mine!!

  12. What a gorgeous post Kori, could you just die over all the Tory Burch perfection? I would LOVE to have the TB trike from NM to cart my goodies around with little Jolie! Thanks so much for hosting, I’ve linked up today, so much fun!! Happy weekend doll! xoox

  13. Love her! I had no idea that she was so relatively “new” – I seem to see her stuff EVERYWHERE so I just figured she’d been around for ages :)

  14. Happy Fashion Friday! What a great post and synopsis on Tory Burch. I have always been a fan of her work and her drive as a woman, she is very inspirational.
    Congrats on the First Fashion Friday, Many more to come I’m sure. Great way to connect with great blogs, so thank you for this!

  15. I j’adore Tory too and I am also having a steamy, lusty moment over that same satchel!

    My heart skipped a beat when I found out about your new fabulous “Fashion Friday’s”! *LOVE*

    The designer of your blog button did an excellent job! I am so impressed with her work!

    I am going to join FF’s today too. I’m either going to do the standard (blog post) or a vlog about fashion!

    Thank you Kori!


  16. I love love love Tory Burch!!! I love this blog hop idea!! And, you stole my heart when I saw you had my button on your page. :)

    Happy Friday, love!!!


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