Naughty Nautical

Ok, so maybe you don’t think of naughty as the perfect adjective to describe nautical style.  Nautical style has been around forever and continues to come back each year, to celebrate summer.  The American colors of red, white, and blue look adorable all gussied up with bows, stripes, and buttons.  It also gives us a way to appear retro, vintage, and a little bit pin up girl.  Here are some great examples I found.  
I’m feeling much better, thank you to those who followed on Twitter this weekend.  I’m looking forward to a much better week, and heading out to do some fun things on Saturday.  I’m also working on novel revisions, and can’t wait to release on May 6.  Thank you, as always for all your support.  It truly touches my heart every day to interact with the Blogger community.  Have a great Monday friends!
**All images courtesy of Pinterest and Google, last image by Harvey’s.
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  1. randomly found you and i LOVE your blog!! the pictures are so inspiring..all of them…even the one with the chicks on old school rollerblades!lol..i want to do that one day!xo

    hope you get a chance to swing by my blog! i have a rad bikini giveaway going on & it’s super easy! ^.^ xo

  2. I die over anything nautical – those stripes make me positively giddy! So happy to hear you are feeling better – happy Monday, dear! XO

  3. Love this post Kori – especially the nautical theme, my fave! ;)

    Have you entered into my giveaway hun? Excited to “meet” you soon!

  4. I love Kiel James like there is no tomorrow! Been trying to do a giveaway with them!LOL! Love this post- I am a nautical girl for sure- naughty not so much but definitely nautical! LOL!

  5. That sweater in the 2nd pic…love! Bows and Nautical play so well together. I still need to get a KJP bracelet and those heels are tdf!

    I hope you’re having a Happy Monday!

  6. love it all. i’ve told myself if i ever get another tattoo i want it to be an anchor. random…but whatevs!

  7. The first photo of Bette grabbed my attention right away. I’ve always loved that pic. Great post Kori.

  8. I love nautical! Its so cute and sassy. Think I need some more of it this summer – time for a shopping trip!?

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